A Better Mashed

I’ve been experimenting with mashed potatoes recently.  There have been some innovations on the mashed potato front (at least in my lifetime) in the form of garlic mashed, and loaded mashed potatoes.  And while I have some thoughts about other things to do to potatoes, my experiments led me to something a little more basic.

My usual recipe for mashed potatoes goes something like this:

8 Medium potatoes, peeled and diced
4 Tbs minced garlic
olive oil
stick of butter
water (start with 2 cups)

Heat the oil in a pot.

Add the garlic, stir briskly for less than a minute, then add the water, and then the potatoes.  Add additional water to bring the level up to nearly the top of the potatoes.

Boil the potatoes, stirring occasionally, until they are soft and the water level has diminished, then add the whole stick of butter and mash the potatoes.

Makes some decent garlic mashed potatoes, but…

The other night I tried something a little different.  I made two changes.  The first was I diced an onion to add in with the potatoes.  But the other was genius (I think so, anyway)….

Instead of using water to boil the potatoes, I used a can of vegetable broth.  Wow!  Made it very yummy.

I may try chicken broth on another occasion…

More on my potato experiments in the coming weeks!


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