Sugar Shock! Rice Krispie Treats with a Fruity Twist

This simple but dangerous recipe is a favorite at office parties!

I saw these at a department potluck at a previous employer, and had to make them when we had a holiday potluck at my current employer.

Basically, these are made the same as the familiar, basic Rice Krispie treats, but instead of using Rice Krispies, you substitute Fruity Pebbles.

I vary the recipe slightly from the one at the official source.  I about double the butter, and use 50% more marshmallows.

3/4 stick of butter
16 oz bag of marshmallows
1 box of Fruity Pebbles

When I prepare them, I lightly butter the baking pan the bars will cool in, then melt the remainder of the stick over high heat in a large pan. Once the butter has melted, I turn the heat to low and add all the marshmallows at once. I stir constantly, breaking up the lumps, until the marshmallows have melted. I quickly dump the cereal into the pan, stirring quickly to mix throughly, and then scrape the mixture into the cooling pan before the melted marshmallow begins to cool and harden.  The extra butter makes the bars less stiff and more chewy, and you can add more to

I use a sheet of wax paper to press the mixture flat int he pan, allow it to cool, then cut into bars.

Each bar probably contains 5x your recommended daily sugar intake.


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