What’s this all about?

I’m not a great cook.  But there are a few things I cook well.

In one version of how I do things, I usually start with a recipe, and then, like a Jazz musician, start to riff on it until its nearly unrecognizable as the original thing.

Really, though its more like this: I can follow a recipe, but I generally don’t take instructions well, so I go off-script.

There is a pretty good article about improvisational cooking here.

I was going to call this “Cooking by the Seat of My Pants”, but someone beat me to it…  On the other hand, I was feeling a little trepidation about the image that would project, so maybe this is better.

Besides, this title works well with my actual profession, SharePoint administrator and .Net web programmer… after all this is cooking without .Net, too!

And, as the Flying Karamazov Brothers say, “We invited Annette, but she wouldn’t come!”

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