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Mother Medora’s Magical Toffee (“Watch how fast it disappears”)

May 19, 2009

So my first recipe seems to be a success, despite the fact that I invented the dish whole cloth and had to guess at the right proportions to actually present it to you as a recipe you can use.

This is an actual recipie I got from a comic book called Castle Waiting.  I’ve made a few modifications, but its perfection is otherwise not to be messed with….

Stick and a half butter
Half cup brown sugar
Boil for seven minutes

9×9 pan, lined with foil
Butter the foil
A cup and a half of nuts (recipe calls for walnuts, I use cashews, we like them better)
Dump nuts in the pan

Pour melted brown sugar onto the nuts
Sprinkle (or in my case, pour) semi-sweet chocolate chips over the nuts and warm sugar/butter mixture
Cover with another layer of foil, press down

Let it cool.  Break into pieces, watch it disappear!

In reality, I use a 9×14 pan and double up the recipe, more or less.  Make sure the sugar/butter mixture boils briskly, or the toffee comes out a little soft and sticky, if I remember correctly.